Inicio proyecto: 
Fin proyecto: 
Investigador principal: 
Emmanuel Geoffriau (AgrocampusOuest – France). Miembro CITA: Cristina Mallor
The main objective of the project is making value of European Plant Genetic Resources through trait evaluation and genotyping of carrot landraces.
To reach the objective, the following tasks will be carried out: laboratory prescreening (Alternaria and Mycocentrospora), accessions regeneration toreach seed quantity for multilocation trials and availability, multilocation trials for accession evaluation, genotyping by GBS and meetings EVA network.
Organismo financiador: 
Programa Cooperativo Europeo de Recursos Fitogenéticos (ECPGR,Phase X 2019-2023)
Miembros del proyecto: 
AgrocampusOuest – France (coordinador), University of Warwick – UK, NordicGeneticResource Center – Sweden, Leibniz Institute of PlantGenetics and CropPlantResearch (IPK) – Germany, Banco Português de Germoplasma Vegetal – Portugal, Julius Kühn-Institut (JKI) – Germany, Center forPlantDiversity –...