The name of the unit reflects the objectives of his research activity. Basically develop two areas of research that are interrelated: the agri-food economy and the economy of natural resources. The aim of the first is the economic study of the food chain in its various stages, ranging from agricultural production, to industrial processing and marketing, to the consumption of food. Research in this area is aimed at helping the participants in the chain in its task of offering sufficient, safe, healthy products and quality satisfying demands in today's society. Intends to contribute to a process that efficiently manage natural resources and further sustainable territorial development.

The study of these last aspects is the aim of the second area of research which is developed in the unit, the economy of natural resources. This tries to answer to questions concerning the way in which society uses natural resources to meet the needs of the economic system. In particular, he studies the complex interactions between society and the environment and the management of natural resources. The research focuses on the study of efficient use of natural resources in the agri-food production, their impacts on the environment and ecosystems.

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