Inicio proyecto: 
Fin proyecto: 
Investigador principal: 
Ana María Sánchez Gómez
20.000 €
The main objective of this project is to value the quality of the saffron produced in Teruel, characterizing it with objective and current parameters, implementing tools for its evaluation and evaluating the impact of the factors of production that influence it. To achieve this, the health status of the plant propagating material used in Teruel in relation to the quality of the production will be determined, a program of clonal selection of corms will be initiated, nutritional aspects of the crop will be determined that contribute to the quality, methodologies of Analysis for the valuation of special saffron produced in Teruel according to ISO 3632 and will analyze and enhance the gastronomic use of saffron of Teruel.
Organismo financiador: 
Gobierno de Aragón (Teruel Investment Funds)
Miembros del proyecto: 
Lola Quilez, Ramon Isla; F.Escriu, Vicente González; Cristina Mallor; M.A. Sanz, Gloria Estopañan; A. Gracia (CITA)