The Department of Soils and Irrigation (CITA) has been conducting research in the fields of irrigation engineering, agronomy, irrigation water quality, soils and remote sensing for the last 25 years. The Department has a broad focus on management of agricultural inputs, agronomy of crops, agro-climatology and environmental issues related to irrigated agriculture. The Department of Soils and Irrigation is linked with the Aula Dei Experimental Station of the Spanish National esearch Council (CSIC-EEAD) forming the “Irrigation, Agronomy and the Environment” research Group, one of the largest group in Spain in this area.



The main research lines of the Group are: (1) Sustainable use of water and soil resources: crop water requirements, diagnosis and improvement of on-farm irrigation systems, irrigation conveyance networks and collective irrigation management, (2) Environmental impact of agricultural activities: environmental impact of irrigation on soils, waters and atmosphere, and (3) Crop agronomy: crop responses to abiotic stresses, optimization of nitrogen fertilization, use of pig slurry as fertilizer, and agronomic applications of remote sensing technologies..

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