The aim of this project is to continue with the activities that have been performed in the framework of previous INIA Permanent Activities (RZP 2004-008, RZP 2009-005 y RZP 2012-002)  to pre

ABSTRACTTo meet the demand for agricultural commodities, the world’s irrigated area needs to be increased by 15% and 60 % of it needs to be modernized.


  • Presence of teosinte in Aragón and Catalonia
  • Genetic and morphologic assessment of the teosinte found at Aragón and Catalonia.

The brucellae cause brucellosis, a zoonosis affecting livestock and humans. B. abortus and B. melitensis infect ruminants, and B. suis swine and wildlife. Moreover, sheep are infected by B.

The Horticulture and Vegetable Health Units of the Centro de Investigación y Tecnología Agroalimentaria de Aragón (CITA) are working on genetic improvement for resistance to' vascular fusariosis', a s