The action lines are constructed towards the satisfaction of social demands and needs regarding methods of exploitation, production, preservation, processing and distribution of agri-food products, as well as the promotion of their quality, safety and health properties, through an integrated approach of competitive production compatible with rural development and respect to the environment.

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 Development of a sustainable  agricultural systems

Agrifood production-Optimization-Quality and safety   

Genetic resources and breeding 




  • Sustainable use of water-soil resources
  • Environmental impact of the farming activities
  • Sustainable territorial development
  • Effective strategies in vegetal protection
  • Economy and competitiveness of the agrifood chain
  • Bioeconomy and environment and natural resources policy
  • Climate change: Adaptation, mitigation and response measures
  • Support to the agricultural decision making by means of the information and communication technologies (ICT): Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing




  • Improvement of the agricultural efficiency
  • Improvement of the livestock production efficiency
  • Sensorial, commercial quality and security of vegetables and livestock products: food and health
  • Integrated pests control
  • Epidemiology, diagnosis and livestock diseases control
  • Agroindustrial processes





  • Conservation and management of genetic resources
  • Animal and vegetable genetic breeding
  • Bioproducts