Between 2016 and 2019,12 French and Spanish partners (research, development, agricultural cooperation, farmers' associations) will work together to improve the economic profitability and sustaina
The project aims to study and conduct field trials comparing different mineral and organic fertilizer management in the cultivation of maize in irrigated areas in the Bardenas area and CITA parti
The Inter-professional Association for Agricultural Development (AIDA) is a national scientific society, whose main objective is to promote the knowledge of Spanish agricultural produ
The objective of this agreement is the research and evaluation of the condition of the surface water bodies due to the irrigation returns of five irrigation systems of the Ebro Basin (Arba and Al

Truffle growers from Teruel are employing in recent years an agronomic practice called 'pozos' or 'aportes', which consist of making punctual textural amendments around truffle trees in order to in

The main objective is to evaluate the fruit quality of up to 50 varieties of cherry, plum and apricot supplied by Aqua Fruits