The Ojinegra Breeders Association (AGROJI) considered the possibility of marketing new products (diversifying) to increase market share and producers' incomes.
In the province of Teruel pig production is a very important economic activity, but this intensive production is associated with the generation of a large quantity of slurry.
The main objective of this project is to value the quality of the saffron produced in Teruel, characterizing it with objective and current parameters, implementing tools for its evaluatio
Technical assistance for advice on the identification and monitoring of crops through remote sensing as a support to the ma
The objective of this project is to recover, preserve and evaluate local fruit trees and to promote and introduce cherry cultivation in mountain areas.
It is being investigated in the improvement of the Peach of Calanda from a multidisciplinary point of view, from the study of the main aspects of the improvement of the production (ve