Animal-Future will design strategies for assessing and enhancing the sustainability of animal production systems (APS).
The aim of the essay is to describe the emergence of teosinte under commercial field conditions in different crops and fallow situations, taking advantage of part of the plots planted in 2015 with dif
Seasonal patterns of oestrous behaviour and ovulation is an important factor limiting efficiency of sheep production.
The Vegetable Germplasm Bank of the Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragon (BGHZ-CITA) holds a collection of 17.425 accessions, mainly of vegetable species
 The problem of graft incompatibility has assumed an important place in the fruit tree industry as the demand for new rootstocks and varieties has increased, this being an important agronomic tra
The main objective is the maintenance in the best conditions of the national fruit collections of almond, peach, pear, cherry, rootstocks and wild almond species, as well as apricot, apple and plum, f
Pepper (Capsicum spp.) and onion (Allium cepa L.) are two of the most important horticultural crops worldwide.