Lead researcher: 
Pilar Errea Abad / Javier Rodrigo
50.000 €
The objective of this project is to recover, preserve and evaluate local fruit trees and to promote and introduce cherry cultivation in mountain areas. This general objective is broken down into five complementary objectives constituting the phases of the project:
  • Evaluation of agronomic characteristics of the local accessions recovered in the Sierra de Albarracín
  • Pomological characterization and physicochemical analysis of the fruit of the already recovered fruit trees and others of new prospecting.
  • Incorporation of new fruit materials and study of their genetic diversity.
  • Analysis of late maturing cherry varietal structure, including existing varieties and commercial patterns, along with new varieties
  • Establishment of an experimentation collection with selected varieties
The recovery and enhancement of local varieties through the knowledge of their behavior and characteristics, can make available to the sector native fruit material characterized by its good adaptability to the environment, and an opportunity for the recovery and use of traditional varieties with a recognized quality. On the other hand, the introduction of late-maturing cherry varieties into high-altitude areas would make it possible to obtain higher-quality cherries and several weeks later the harvesting of major cherry production areas.
Gobierno de Aragón (Fondo de Inversiones de Teruel)
Project members: 
Ana Pina Sobrino (CITA)