Lead researcher: 
Cristina Mallor
190.000 €
The Vegetable Germplasm Bank of the Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragon (BGHZ-CITA) holds a collection of 17.425 accessions, mainly of vegetable species, being one of the most important Spanish active collections in this group of crops. These accessions belong to 405 different species, including the most important vegetable crops, as well as many species of minor crops and crop wild relatives, all of them useful for plant breeding and biodiversity conservation. The large majority are Spanish landraces.
The main goals of this project are to guarantee the conservation and to facilitate the utilization of the plant genetic resources kept in the BGHZ. With this purpose, the organization, regeneration and primary characterization of the maintained accessions are necessary. The availability of seeds of enough quantity and good quality, along with the knowledge about the characteristics of the kept material and the accessibility of the information, are essential for promoting their utilization. The documentation of all the generated information and the management of the data will enhance the use of the germplasm. With this purpose, the present project aims to address the activities of regeneration, primary characterization, conservation and management of the plant genetic resources kept in the BGHZ germplasm collection. 
All these activities are in agreement with the goals of the national policy about plant genetic resources and will have a positive impact in the conservation and documentation status of the BGHZ collection, which is integrated in the network of the National program of conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. Therefore, part of the planned activities will be carried out in coordination with the National Plant Genetic Resources Centre (CRF), which is in charge of the documentation of all the national network collections.
Project members: 
Ana Palacio Bielsa, Aurora Díaz Bermúdez, Alicia Cirujeda Ranzenberger, Ana Isabel Mari León (CITA); Joaquín Aibar Lete, Celia Otín Montaner (Universidad de Zaragoza); Miguel Cambra Álvarez (CSCV-DGA)