Lead researcher: 
Alberto Bernués Jal
100.000 €
Animal-Future will design strategies for assessing and enhancing the sustainability of animal production systems (APS). Main objectives are:
  1. Assess the multi-dimensional consequences of innovations on benefits (cash flow, income, jobs, product quality and safety, ecosystem services etc.) and costs (use of scarce natural resources, health and welfare) of APS.
  2. Improve the capacity of European animal sector actors to facilitate sound changes based on a thorough understanding of mechanisms underlying trade-offs between benefits and costs.
  3. Provide guidance co-designed by scientists and animal production actors through which the latter can reinforce their innovation capacity.
To achieve these, the project will:
  1. Develop a indicator-based decision support tool that will be used for assessing and benchmarking European APS according to benefits and costs induced by innovations (from farm to region, nation and EU27).
  2. Bring together multi-disciplinary research teams and animal production actors (farmers, processors, breeders etc.) using a multi-actor approach and starting from a farm network of intensive/extensive APS across Europe.
Project members: 
Isabel Casasús Pueyo (CITA) / Ana Mº Olaizola Tolosana(Universidad de Zaragoza-IA2) The project is ccordinated by Dr TICHIT MURIEL (Institut national de la recherche agronomique - INRA).