China in December invited and received the Research Director of the Agrifood Research and Technology Center of Aragón (CITA) and the European Institute of Mycology (EMI), Fernando Martínez-Peña, who was invited with two other EMI partners, to several scientific-technical meetings which took place in that month, with the aim of initiating a cooperation between Europe and the nation of China in the field of promotion of the microtourism and the truffle sector.
The gatherings have been composed by different foundations in China, for example, Golden Truffles, the Guangdong Province Health Association, and the International Truffle Fair of China, and have served to distinguish regions of joint effort between the EMI and distinctive Chinese organizations, revealed the Government of Aragon in a public statement.
Among the last mentioned, he has refered to guidance on economical administration of the mycological asset, quality and postharvest, the solid utilization of organisms, the advancement of mycogastronomy and microtourism.
Martínez-Peña, together with Joaquín Latorre Minguell, analyst in the field of microtourism of the Mycology program of Castilla y León, gave a few addresses at the Polytechnic University of Heyuan (territory of Canton, China) in the system of the Scientific Conference ‘Advancement, practice and experience of Rural Tourism in Europe.
Likewise, addresses were given at the Seminar on the Development of Micotourism and Truffling in Europe, held in the city of Panzhihua (region of Sichuan, China).
Visits were additionally made to the offices of the Guangdong Wanlv Lake National Wetland Park, the Mycological Market of Kunming and the Mycology Labs of the Botanical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences likewise in Kunming, Yunnan Province, a standout amongst the most gainful in palatable wild mushrooms from China.
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China is one of the primary makers and shoppers of mushrooms on the planet, yet the utilization and utilization of truffles, both European and Chinese, is still exceptionally constrained among customers since it isn’t a piece of their way of life, the Aragonese Executive has nitty gritty.
In this way, the advancement of the utilization of this mushroom, together with the great practices of utilization in the kitchen are “of incredible intrigue, both for the European makers of truffles concerning the gatherers and Chinese organizations, for which future coordinated efforts will be built up” .
Moreover, China is one of the fundamental wellsprings of extravagance tourism to Europe and “this makes the offer of creative esteem included tourism items, for example, microtourism connected to truffles, extremely intriguing for European domains”, brought up similar sources.
What’s more, the improvement of microturist bundles in China connected to the worldwide system of parks ‘micosylva.’ It can serve to produce showcases that send European vacationers to China.
The Government of Aragon has indicated that two-sided joint effort assentions between the Chinese accomplices and the EMI will be marked for the current year because of this coordinated effort.
This last element is an European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation coordinated by accomplices of Aragon – the CITA, of the Autonomous Government – , Castilla y León – Diputación de Ávila, Soria City Council and Natural Heritage Foundation of the Junta de Castilla y León- – , Catalonia – Forest Technology Center of Catalonia and Conselh Generau d’Arán – , New Aquitaine – Dordogne Champagne d’Agriculture – and Occitania – The Région Occitanie- – .