The CITA is located at the Montañana Avenue (Avenida de Montañana), 930, within the Aula Dei Campus (Campus de Aula Dei). At the kilometre 7.5 of the road that connects the Montañana suburb with San Mateo de Gállego village.

Access with private vehicle (situation map of the CITA premises at Montañana)

In order not to pass through the city, if coming from the Castellón road (A-68), or Teruel (N-330), it is better to take the ring road Z-40 and link up with the northern ring road (A-2/E-90) towards Barcelona. The vehicles from Madrid (A-2) and forward on those from the Huesca highway (A-23) also access to the northern ring road.

From all the above-mentioned directions and all those coming from the AP-2/E-90 from Barcelona (AP-2), should take the exit 326 Montañana-Santa Isabel and turn left when reaching the road A-123 (Access map from AP2) towards Montañana.

Once left the Montañana suburb, about 7.5 km ahead and at both sides of the road, there is the Campus of Aula Dei. The CITA premises are situated on the right side of the road.

Access with public transport 

Besides, the Campus of Aula Dei is connected with the city of Zaragoza by local bus, number 28  whose route starts in the  Coso street.  

CITA premises at Montañana 

Once in the premises of the CITA at Montañana, the corresponding units or section can be found at the map below named Situation map of the CITA premises at Montañana. More information.